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I photograph people because my creativity is sparked by emotion. Ever try getting a hamburger to "look fierce" for you...try it sometime...not my idea of a good time.
If it's trendy, I run the other way. I learned the hard way with acid wash jeans and jelly shoes...they never last and look awful 5 years later.
I would rather be an hour early than 5 minutes late. I was brought up to respect another's time as if it were my own.

I LOVE waking up to freshly brewed coffee
I ADORE my children...even when they drive me crazy
I get most of my GOOD IDEAS in the middle of the night
I DON'T bother the gym and it DOESN'T bother me...we have a deal
I SING in the car... LOUD
I am a really good shopper...never met a sale I didn't like
I WISH someone would invent lie detector sunglasses
I defend my friends...ALWAYS
If given the CHOICE I would take popcorn over chocolate
I come across much tougher than I really am
I am quick to anger but also quick to FORGIVE
I love REALLY love shoes
I kinda dig taking pictures

my goal is to give you images that will make you laugh, cry, and ponder...images that stand the test of time
my mission is to never say "I wish I had" I give it my all from the minute I say hello until the moment I say goodbye.
my promise is to treat each photo commission as a challenge, an opportunity to be more creative than the last, and to treat each event as if it were my own.